Somfy Home Alarm

The only home security system that detects break-ins before they happen.

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The heart of your Home Alarm system


This revolutionary security sensor easily attaches to your doors and windows and can distinguish between security threats and normal everyday events. It will trigger a 110-dB alarm and notify you via your smartphone as soon as any break-in attempts are detected.

Indoor siren

The indoor siren is wireless with a range of up to 200 metres. It sounds a 110-dB alarm as soon as an attempted break-in is detected and sends a alert straight to your smart phone.


Connect multiple Home Alarm products to this wireless hub to enjoy easy control and constant monitoring via your Wi-Fi. The Link features an embedded back up battery, meaning your home security products will continue to operate for up to 6 hours during power outages.

Key fob

Attach this convenient fob to your keys for a simple and fuss-free way to disarm the Home Alarm system as soon as you arrive home. In addition to the hands-free system control, the Key Fob also features user recognition and a panic button for enhanced home security.

Security camera

This optional extra lets you watch over your home wherever you are and delivers privacy when you need it, thanks to the inbuilt shutter.

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Advanced home security features for your complete peace of mind

Easy to use

The Home Alarm system is so easy to install, with absolutely no wiring required and a quick and simple Wi-Fi set up. You can then control the entire system via the free smartphone app or key fob, keeping you in control of your home with just the touch of a button.

Advanced recognition

The advanced detection technology analyses and identifies unique vibrations on your windows or doors. This means it can differentiate between normal everyday activities, such as strong winds or someone knocking at the door, and genuine break-in attempts.

Proactive detection

When suspicious activity has been detected on any opening of your home, the Somfy Home Alarm will automatically notify your smartphone and trigger a powerful 110-dB alarm. This can also be controlled manually via the app to stop break-ins before they even happen.

Smart monitoring and disarming

Your Home Alarm system will be automatically disarmed when you return home, thanks to the clever and convenient wireless Key Fob. The smart user recognition also allows you to see who is in the house at any time, putting you in complete control of your home.

Enhance your Home Alarm with Somfy security accessories

Added solutions include a security camera, outdoor siren, motion detector and more.

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