Smoke detection alerts in TaHoma

We live and spend a lot of time in our homes and we expect these to be a safe place for our family members. Nevertheless many people do suffer from serious injuries and deaths every year due to fires in their homes. Not to mention the costs for rebuilding and restoring fire damaged homes. Fires can be caused by multiple things such as electrical failures, candles, smoking, cooking and lots of other reasons.


One way of minimizing risk of injuries due to fires is to secure the home and use smoke detectors. These come in a variety of designs and some also with smart functions. Nowadays there are smoke detectors that are connected to each other wirelessly in order to all sound at the same time and getting maximal attention when you are at home. During the past years we have also seen the entrance of smart smoke detectors. What these do is basically sending you a push notification or email to your smartphone. Upon receiving this you are able to take action faster and hopefully minimize the risk and damage if there’s a fire in your home.


Somfy offers smart smoke detectors that within the TaHoma smart home solution can send out alerts (a TaHoma is mandatory). We will guide you on how to setup push notifications so that you can receive information if the smoke detectors sense anything at your home.

Get two smart plugs for free with your Somfy TaHoma purchase

Instructions on how to setup a push notification/email in TaHoma:

  1. Login to you account at
  2. Click on SMART programming
  3. Choose “New” in the upper left corner
  4. Drag the envelope icon into the designated area
  5. Choose which devices that should receive the alert (smartphones shown here are the ones that have logged into your account. If a device is not showed, then use it to log in to your TaHoma account).
  6. Next, choose all smoke sensors that should act upon the presence of smoke
  7. Then confirm on “smoke” on the right column and press “Save” at the bottom
  8. Save your Smart programming
  9. Name your Smart programming and confirm
  10. Activate your program by dragging it into the dotted lines for activated programs
  11. Done!


You can also use the Smart programming menu in order to open your roller shutters and turn on lights in case of fire detection in your home. Just set this up within your Smart programming menu.


Smoke alarm detection in Somfy Protect:


If you are one of the many users of a Somfy Protect alarm-solution in your home there are ways to monitor your home for fires alarms here. What you do need is either a Somfy One or Somfy One+, the smart all-in-one alarms with built in camera, motion sensor and siren. These devices have a function for detecting the sound of existing smoke alarms in your home.

Within the device setting for your One/One+ you can enable the smoke alarm detection function. By doing this the device will listen for smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarms in your home. When an alarm is detected an email or push notice will be sent to your smartphone immediately and you can then take immediate action. Open your Somfy Protect app and see if there are smoke in your home and then call the fire department.

Note: In order to have the smoke alarm detection function to work your camera/alarm must be activated and the privacy shutter must be opened in order for the microphone to be able to detect the alarm.


Burglary prevention with TaHoma + IFTTT

More Smart Home with TaHoma + IFTTT

The smart home is a great easy living solution for your everyday life. It helps out making things simpler, automates different tasks you do everyday in your home, takes care of your lighting, heating and so much more. It also keeps you and your family safe, day and night and even when you’re not at home. Of course, there are lots of other advantages with having a smart home and you can tailor make this to suit your own desires and wishes.

The smart home solution from Somfy, called TaHoma is a functional and competent product and the central hub of your smart home. Once you have installed a TaHoma you are able to connect and control this from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Use the TaHoma app and control your shades, lighting, electric appliances, garage doors and more. Somfy TaHoma has been around since 2012 and gets regular updates for free which makes it up to date when it comes to functions and integrations such as IFTTT ( IFTTT is a unique solution that helps you to connect services and gadgets from different companies. Using this in the right way can have a great improvement on your daily life.


IFTTT triggers and actions:

The use of IFTTT can help enhance your smart home. It allows you to link connected products of compatible brands to your Somfy smart home. IFTTT stands for If This Then That and basically you are giving an instruction that “if this happens then that should happen”. Setting up an account with IFTTT is free of charge and opens up the possibility to access thousands of free applets to get started. When you get used to the IFTTT methodology you can create your own tailor made applets, it’s really easy.

One very useful applet for example is that if an IFTTT compatible indoor motion sensor in your house detects movement while you are sleeping, or not home, then all your Philips Hue light bulbs can flash in the color red. Imagine how this will scare the burglar, which might just make him run away. Considering that most criminals like to work in the dark this is an effective and easy way of making it harder for them.

The fact that Somfy TaHoma supports IFTTT makes it possible to combine the solution with many other products. Let’s focus on interesting solutions that you can setup on your own.


TaHoma burglary prevention products:

Let us help you on how to build your own safety security system using the Somfy TaHoma. First, start with an IFTTT applet in order to be able to trigger actions. TaHoma can only be used as a That, not an If inside the IFTTT applet. For example you setup the time based trigger with a Google calendar event at 8pm (If) to simulate that you are home by turning on the lights and closing the curtains with a TaHoma scenario (That). Burglars that are scouting the neighborhood will most likely assume that your are home and do not see your house as a potential target. Prevention is better than cure.

Step 1: Make sure that you setup your Google calendar event, this will be the trigger.
Step 2: Setup a TaHoma scenario with your Somfy light receivers, roller shutter receivers, Philips Hue lamps and electric roller blinds.
Step 3: Create the IFTTT applet (link)


TaHoma + IFTTT + Google Assistant:

If you are a fan of voice assistants it is also possible to use either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant in combination with IFTTT to launch scenarios on your TaHoma. For the moment it is only possible to use the English language with TaHoma and voice assistants. Just tell your voice assistant to launch a TaHoma scenario which turns on the lighting in your garden, roll down your blinds, all before you go to bed at night.

Warding off Intruders – Why Prevention is Better than Cure

There are several sophisticated security solutions out there which can protect your property from the inside and outside.

But once an intruder is inside, even if he doesn’t have time to take anything, the feeling that your property has still been violated can be all too real and lasting.

The key is to keep them from even attempting to get inside, so with that in mind, when it comes to home security, prevention is always better than cure. In fact, even burglars themselves admit that things such as cameras and anything making a noise are the most likely things to scare them off.

From automated shutters, motion sensors and cameras that let you challenge an intruder and sirens, having external security equipment not only lets you stay aware of what’s going on outside your property but also, these measures have the invaluable impact of deterring would-be opportunistic intruders who’ll be in no doubt that your home is not a soft target.


Constant Watchman:

Nobody wants the stress of having to keep a constant vigil on their property, so the perfect solution is to have smart security solutions do that all for you. An alarm system and IP camera for example.

Technology such as the Somfy Outdoor Camera is designed not only to monitor your property, but with its built-in 110dB siren can make plenty of noise designed to startle and scare off any would-be burglar should the need arise.

Picture the intruder approaching your home, taking their time to search for potential points of entry, but then suddenly the security camera’s motion sensor detects them and sends notification to the user. Then the user can trigger the siren. . the burglar is scared off, disoriented and startled, he flees without ever getting the chance to set foot inside your home.  This is much more than just a burglar alarm, this is a smart alarm that’s always on duty and keeps you aware of what’s happening.


Challenging Intruders in Safety:

If you want to be in control yourself the Full HD camera can send a notification to your smartphone when it spots something, allowing you to talk to the intruder directly via two-way communication, completely remotely – ensuring you can stay safely out of harm’s way.

Then the choice of actions is all yours and the power is in your hands. Share access to your system with your neighbours, friends or family. At the slightest alert, they will be able to intervene on site if you're not available. You can also activate the siren yourself directly from the Somfy Protect app. If you need it for evidence purposes, this IP camera’s videos are secured and stored free for 24 hours on the Somfy Cloud too. You’re in control.

The Somfy outdoor camera is part of the Somfy Protect range. The Somfy Protect range contents several security solutions to secure and protect your home.

The Somfy Home alarm consist out of several sensors like door/window sensors and badges. The Somfy outdoor camera is fully compatible with the Home alarm.

Combining the product will give you the option to fully secure and protect your home.