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Accessories type
You can choose from different types of accesories to help you control and automise your Somfy products.
  1. Alarm set (3)
  2. Automatic control (1)
    With automatic controls your Somfy products can be set to operate automatically. The trigger for the automatic control usually is based on a planned schedule that can be programmed.
  3. Indoor camera (1)
  4. Motor (1)
  5. Receiver (1)
  6. Remote control (1)
    Remotely control your Somfy products via radio signal. Choose from a wide range of remote controls, to control one or more Somfy products. Please ensure you have the right control for your Somfy product, does it use 'RTS' or 'io' radiosignal.
  7. Sensors (3)
  8. Siren (2)
  9. Smart home box & app (1)