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Discover the new Plug & Play outdoor camera

Somfy’s smart outdoor security camera – the smartest form of security

Scare burglars off with motion detection and a siren

Somfy Outdoor Camera

Powerful siren (110 dB) Deters intruders and warns the environment
Motion detection The camera starts recording as soon as it detects movement
Full HD camera With night vision

Scare burglars off with motion detection and a siren

Somfy Outdoor Security Camera

The thought of someone breaking into your home, prowling around your house, looking for valuables, perish the thought! What you really want is for the thieves or burglars to just to keep off your property. We have some good news for you – our latest innovation can help you to achieve this. The Somfy outdoor camera does more than just keep an eye on things.

Full HD camera with night vision

If there is anything suspicious happening, the outdoor camera will start recording immediately, and the images will immediately be securely stored in the cloud, no matter the time of day or night. This security camera does its work whatever the circumstances.


Compatible with well-known Smart Home systems: IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and Google.

Optimum control

Controlled by means of an smartphone app and Key Fob. The camera also comes with a smart activation function. When you get back home, the system will recognise you and switch itself off, and if you go out again, you’ll get a reminder via the app on your smartphone to re-activate the camera. That’s convenience for you!

Safety accessories that can be combined with your Somfy Outdoor Camera

Connect your outdoor camera to a Somfy One/One+ or Home Alarm and get advantages from
Standalone motion sensors, door/window sensors, indoor- and outdoor sirens and much more

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Optimum installation comfort

The Somfy outdoor camera can be installed in 3 different ways so that it can be used in any situation:

  • 1. Connect the camera directly to existing power cables that are now, for example, used for outdoor lighting
  • 2. Connect the camera to your current outdoor lighting. This has the great advantage that the camera and your outdoor lighting work together. If motion is detected, your lighting will immediately switch on. In addition, you can control your lighting via the app
  • 3. Connect directly to a power outlet. Not included in the box