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Smart Alarm System

Somfy Smart Alarm Systems provide peace of mind when you are away from home. All our systems feature wireless sensors with a quick and easy set up and no subscription fees. Upgrade your alarm system at any time by adding smart sensors or additional sirens. Manage your system and alerts on your phone with the intuitive Somfy Protect app.

Alarm system

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  1. Somfy Protect Home Alarm + Indoorcamera 1870343
    Somfy Home Alarm + Indoor Camera
    £488.00 £429.00
  2. Somfy Protect Smoke detector
    Somfy Protect Smoke Alarm
  3. Somfy Indoor Cameras Pack - Apple Homekit compatible
    Indoor Camera Twin Pack
  4. Somfy Indoor Camera - 2401507 - Apple Homekit compatible
    Somfy Indoor Security Camera
    £139.00 £104.25
  5. Smoke Alarm io - 2401368
    Smoke Alarm io
  6. Outdoor Movement Detector
    Outdoor Movement Detector

34 Items

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