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Somfy Shop Outlet offers new products with the package in a not-as-new state. These products are 100% working properly and are unused, but are offered at a lower price. So take the opportunity to extend your smart home with a new Somfy product at a discount. Always with free shipment.


Sorry, we don't currently stock Outlet that fit the sizes and filters you selected. You can click 'Reset filters' to view all Outlet available in your chosen size.

Alternatively we may be able to make you electric blinds to fit as a bespoke project.
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100% new and unused products that have been returned and deserve a second chance. The packaging might not be in mint condition and that’s why these products are offered at a lower price. Limited stock only so don’t wait until they’re gone. Free delivery included and products can be returned within 14 days.

A comfortable and safe home

Somfy products are designed to create a comfortable, easy and safe home. Whether you are looking for security, lighting, remote controls or a garage door motor: Somfy always has a solution.

Somfy products are loved for the many benefits they offer:

  • Somfy products are easy to install and control;
  • All products are easy to integrate in smart home system with the Somfy TaHoma;
  • Somfy guarantees high quality products;
  • Our products are designed to fit into any interior.

Somfy Outlet

Are you looking for a Somfy product to extend your smart home? Keep a close eye out on this page to find Somfy smart home products with an interesting discount. In the Outlet section we offer products that have been returned but are unused and ready for a second chance. These are new products but with a package that is not entirely unblemished. This why they are offered with an interesting discount.

Somfy Discount

Increasingly people are finding out how Somfy products can making their homes more comfortable and safe. Are you curious what Somfy can offer you? On this page you will find Somfy products that can fit your home but are offered at a discount. Try your new Somfy product now for a friendly price and experience how these smart and well thought through products can make your life easier.

Discover discount on Somfy products

Found the perfect Somfy product in the Outlet section? then don’t wait! These products are in limited supply and will run out of stock soon.  When a product is sold out it will still show on the webshop but you won’t be able to add it to your basket anymore. So don’t hesitate when you see the product you want.