If an intrusion is detected at your home, the 90+ dB siren goes off automatically to scare off the burglar. If you prefer, you can trigger the siren manually with a simple click from your smart phone. As soon as your camera detects an intruder, their photo is immediately taken and the action is videotaped for a few seconds. All this is yours at no additional cost.
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Always leave your home with peace of mind and use your smartphone, tablet to see what is happening in your home? The security solutions from Somfy contribute to a safe home and provide peace of mind. The Somfy alarm systems are easy to use and can be combined with a back-up battery so they also perform their duties in the event of a power failure. The system can be expanded with all kinds of smart home equipment from Somfy and other well known brands.

Somfy security: offers security and privacy at the same time

Somfy has a wide range of security products. We distinguish between:

To Somfy creating a safe feeling and ensuring your privacy is very important. Somfy products not only provide security, but are also equipped with smart features that help protect your privacy optimally.

IP cameras

The security cameras from Somfy can be used stand-alone, but can also be added to your Smart Home very easily. Somfy has a number of wireless cameras in its range, such as the Somfy One and the Somfy Indoor Camera and Outdoor Camera. These provide you a way to access live images of your home anytime, anywhere. Your privacy is guaranteed by a built-in privacy shutter. The shutter closes as soon as you enter your home.

Somfy One

The Somfy One is a complete alarm system. You keep in touch with your home via your smartphone at all times. You will be alerted to incidents via your smartphone. If movement is detected by the Somfy One, a siren will be activated, thereby deterring uninvited guests. Of course it is possible to keep your pets at home, without the Somfy One constantly alerting you. You can easily expand this camera with other Somfy Protect accessories such as IntelliTags, the smart window and door sensors.

Somfy security accessories

As with all smart home products that Somfy sells, you can also expand to your heart's content with the security products. You can choose to start in a basic way and continue to expand with additional motion detectors, an indoor or outdoor siren.

Motion detectors

The Somfy sensor for Somfy One or Home Alarm will automatically trigger a 110 dB alarm if it detects an intrusion. You and your community will immediately be notified on your smartphone. Say goodbye to false alerts! This sensor is compatible with pets weighing less than 25 kg.


Somfy has different sirens in its range and makes a distinction between sirens for outside and sirens for inside. All sirens send a loud alarm signal of at least 110 dB and will be activated as soon as a burglary is signaled. Some sirens also have extra alarming flash light.

Keychain for alarm

Make it even easier for yourself by purchasing a Somfy Key Fob with the alarm system. You can switch your security system on and off wirelessly. With the help of a key fob, the traditional control panel becomes unnecessary. When a linked key fob comes within range of the alarm system, it is automatically switched off.

Other security accessories

If you want to expand, you can supplement your security system with IntelliTAGs that detect movement of doors and windows. The IntelliTAG can analyze vibrations and distinguishes between vibrations because of a few knocks on the door or a ball that bounces against the window. However, if a burglar uses a hammer, the IntelliTAG will immediately send out a warning before the door or window is actually opened.

Secure with smart Somfy products

If desired, you can protect every window, every door and every room with Somfy security products. The selection of available products is very wide. The great thing is that you do not have to spend a lot for an over-complete alarm system, but that you can also easily start with a wireless alarm system from Somfy. You can then expand this alarm system according to your wishes and budget.

Wireless alarm systems

With a wireless alarm system you can easily and quickly protect your house against unwanted guests. It is a simple, but at the same time a super-intelligent security system that fits perfectly into your busy life. In addition, the beautiful design matches a modern interior.

Plug in and go!

Securing your house has never been easier. Within 10 minutes your complete alarm system will be installed and you can leave your home with confidence. Place your wireless security camera in a strategic place, download the Somfy Protect app and you are ready to leave. It is possible to add several people to the app so that several people are alerted in the event of trouble by means of a push message.

Reliable alarm system

Although the installation of out security alarms only takes 10 minutes at most, it is a robust & secure system. Our Home Alarm systems have a built-in battery, so that it continues to work even in the event of a power failure. If the power gets cut you are alerted via the app and the system still functions.

The smart products from Somfy, such as the Somfy IntelliTAG, already warn you before a possible burglar has put his foot across the threshold and thus belong to the Smart Home products category. The IntelliTAG sensor, for example, analyzes the vibration of a window or door and can distinguish between a bouncing ball or a burglar with a hammer. This will prevent a false alarm.

Wireless communication

The Somfy One cameras communicate wirelessly with the various accessories with which you can expand your security system. You can add as many sensors and sirens to your alarm system as you want. These different accessories communicate with each other wirelessly. All wireless accessories are equipped with batteries that warn you in time when the battery is low, which prevents the alarm from turning on when it's really needed.

Control from your telephone or tablet

All Somfy wireless security systems can be managed remotely. Download the Somfy Protect app and switch your alarm system on and off via the app. You can have a look into your home at any time. Make sure that you can always check that you have properly secured your home or business and have not forgotten to activate the security system. You can check the battery status of your various sensors via the application on your phone or tablet. If you do not want your phone to use your internet bundle, you can link your plug and play alarm system to a telephone number. In this case you will be alerted by SMS via an alarm.

Private security system

Do you have one or more cameras in your home and have more people been added to the app of your security system? Our Somfy IP cameras are protected against snoopers by means of a privacy shutter. As soon as you enter your house, the privacy shutter will slide in front of the lens of your security camera so that no one can look into your living room the moment you are there. A nice idea that you don't have to think about this when you enter your home.

Easy to expand with accessories

The assortment of Somfy plug & play is diverse and easy to supplement with other security accessories. In many cases, people start with a security camera, such as the Somfy One. This can be expanded to your heart's content with, for example, door sensors, an indoor or outdoor siren or a motion detector. In addition, you can make it even easier to use your plug & play alarm system by choosing IntelliTAGS or key fobs. These make switching the alarm system on and off even easier.