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Somfy One

Your All-In-One security solution including a siren, camera and motion sensor.

Protect your home and your privacy

Privacy is of prime importance for our camera users. That’s why we embedded a motorised shutter on the Somfy One.

Simply click on your smartphone and the motorised shutter opens and closes automatically.

Helping protect the things that matter most to you

Smart activation

The Somfy One is compatible with Amazon Echo meaning you can have effortless voice-activated control over your security system. Leaving the house in a rush? Got your hands full? Simply tell the Amazon Echo to activate your Somfy One alarm for fuss-free automated modern living.

Advanced motion detection

False alarms are a thing of the past. Thanks to the combined image analysis and infrared motion detection of the SomfyVision™, coupled with selective detection that lets you set specific zones of the home, your alarm will never be triggered by beloved pets or moving branches.

Sirens and alerts

As soon as a break-in is detected, a powerful 90+ dB siren will automatically sound an alarm. This can also be switched on manually via your smartphone to scare off any intruders. In addition, the Somfy One will immediately capture images and video footage of break-ins for evidence.

Complete your One with Somfy security accessories

Added solutions include an opening sensor, key fob, outdoor siren and more.