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What is TaHoma?
TaHoma is the smart home system from Somfy that helps you to control your home. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to remotely control blinds, awnings, screens, lighting, security sensors, skylights and garage doors, etc. using TaHoma. All these products can be combined into scenarios that you can easily create and name according to your needs. A scenario can also be programmed to start automatically at a set time, for example, against a weekly schedule. You decide which units to be controlled, and how. If you want to control your blinds and other sun protection, you can add sunlight or temperature sensors and regulate them in order to create shade or improve the temperature indoors.

What is a scenario?

A scenario is where you can select and organise a series of commands that you send simultaneously to the devices in your home that you want to control (blinds, awnings, lighting, thermostats ...). You can choose at what time the scenario should be activated, then activate the devices just as you specified in the scenario. Example: When you leave your home in the morning to head to work, you can use a single scenario to close the skylight blind, turn off the lights, adjust other shades and lighting and close the garage door or gate.

How does TaHoma work?

The automatic monitoring, control and operation of your devices is via TaHoma's easy to use and intuitive interface. Your devices and commands are set up via the TaHoma interface and stored as an individual secure account in the Somfy servers, which in turn direct them via the Internet to TaHoma box in your home. The TaHoma box is a transmitter/receiver that is connected wirelessly to your devices (blinds, awnings, lighting, skylights, garage, etc.) in your house and its surroundings and of course to the internet through your router. The box also serves as a bridge between the server and your devices- activating them as you have requested.

How do I control TaHoma?

TaHoma is controlled with iOS or Android through the appropriate App. Search for TaHoma or Somfy in iOS app store or Google play. TaHoma is configured using a computer and all settings or operations can also be changed, activated or controlled from your computer.

Do I need to sign up for a specific internet supplier?

No, you can use TaHoma with any internet supplier.

I am moving. Can I bring my TaHoma box?

Yes, you can bring TaHoma box to your new address, but it requires some special actions. Contact Somfy TaHoma Support (taHoma.uk@somfy.com).

Can I use TaHoma to remotely control my RTS products?

Yes it works great. Somfy RTS products can be controlled with TaHoma.

Are io-home control® products from other vendors also compatible with TaHoma?

Yes, io-home control® is a technology used by several manufacturers in the market, for example. Somfy and Velux.

Is TaHoma box safe?

Security is guaranteed at all levels. Every time you turn on a device, the security code changes automatically. There is also a security key for each dwelling, which offers the same level of protection as Internet banking systems. TaHoma has been awarded "very safe" by the well-known and respected German IT security company SySS. Somfy received this certification following extensive testing by the IT specialists at SySS.

What happens to my personal information?

Your personal information is protected by EU legislation and confidentiality. Your details will never be disclosed to third parties without your approval first. Read more about this in our terms and conditions of sale.

Where are my data?

Your data is stored on Somfy servers located in France. The same EU data protection rules apply to the information on all devices registered in TaHoma. The database is registered with the CNIL (Data Inspectorate for private individuals in France).

Can I control my devices even if there is interruption in the Internet connection?

Yes. If your TaHoma equipment does not work because of problems with the Internet connection, you can use your Somfy remote control instead, provided that it is properly paired with that device. Control via phone, tablet or computer browser will not work, but you can activate the scenario of your "Scenario Player", and all that you have programmed in your timer will be executed according to the settings you made. As soon as the connection to the Internet is working again TaHoma connects automatically.

Who do I contact if Internet is down?

If your TaHoma is not working because of problems with the Internet connection, contact your Internet supplier.

Can I continue to control my devices even if TaHoma is off line?

Yes. If TaHoma is down for any reason, you can always use your Somfy remote control. Control via phone, tablet or computer browser will not work, but you can activate the scenario of your "Scenario Player", and all that you have programmed in your timer will be executed according to the settings you made.

Who do I contact if there is an error in my TaHoma?

If TaHoma does not work, in the first instance, please contact the installer who sold you your box. You can also send an e-mail to our Somfy help desk: tahoma.uk@somfy.com

Can I install the TaHoma myself?

Of course you can. Use the PIN code available on the TaHoma box and visit the www.somfy-connect.com and follow the procedure to activate the box and create an account. Then you can add your products in the interface. Our Somfy approved partners can manage the entire installation if you wish!

What is needed for me to be able to use TaHoma in my house?

You need to have an active Internet connection, an available Ethernet port on the router and an available power outlet.

How long does it take to install the TaHoma?

It obviously depends on how many products you have to integrate and how many automatic settings you want. You should connect the TaHoma box to the Internet modem, activate the TaHoma box and add your devices/products. Once this is done, you program your scenarios and other settings to customize your home for your lifestyle. A simple installation normally takes between 20 and 30 minutes. For help see our training videos, TaHoma Coach, on https://www.somfy.co.uk/support/TaHoma-coach

Is it possible to choose the time for a scenario exactly?

Yes. The timing of a scenario can be fine-tuned to the minute.

I can no longer see the programmed scenarios on the timeline, only one icon with three dots.

Several scenarios have been programmed to occur at the same time. Click on the icon with the three dots to open a window in which the current scenarios are shown.