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Smart living begins with Somfy®

Somfy Smart Home puts you in control, makes your life easier, more comfortable and gives you peace of mind, wherever you are. Monitor and operate blinds and curtains, lights, heating, and garage doors with your smartphone or tablet.

Make your home a TaHoma Smart Home

Monitor and operate all your connected equipment at home with your smartphone or tablet
from anywhere in the world. Somfy® Smart Home puts you in control.

Plug and play security

Somfy One

Your all-in-one security solution

  • Integrated siren, camera and motion sensor.
  • Complete remote control via your smart phone.
  • Compatible with Somfy Home Alarm accessories.

Somfy Home Alarm

The home alarm that prevents break-ins before they happen

  • The only security system that adapts to your needs and your daily life.
  • Set up in minutes from the Somfy security app without any tools.
  • Activate your security system easily and see who’s home at a glance.

Somfy controls

Controls for your connected devices

Hand sets, key fobs, wall switches and more.

  • Compatible with all your smart home devices.
  • High quality and multi functional Somfy controls.
  • One or multiple channels and several functions available.

App control with Connexoon

Switch to app control with Connexoon

  • 1 app to control all your interior blinds and curtains.
  • Manage your home remotely for complete peace of mind.
  • Unique, clear and fun functions to enhance your home!

Connected solutions for your TaHoma Smart Home

Lights and switches

Creating the ideal ambiance is as simple as clicking a button with our wireless light switches. Use TaHoma® to operate your lighting from the comfort of your seat with your smartphone or tablet. You can also program your lights to turn on or off at set times or when certain conditions are detected.

Sensors & surveillance

Keep your home safe with our security and surveillance range. From smoke to suspicious activity, our detectors will automatically alert you via your smartphone if something isn’t right, allowing you to act immediately. And with our cameras, you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are.

Climate control

With Somfy, you’ll never waste energy heating up an empty house again. We’re working with the leading heating brands Honeywell and Hitachi to give you complete control of your home climate. And with timing programs and smartphone control, you’re guaranteed a warm welcome every time you arrive home.

Garage doors

Somfy garage door openers are the perfect greeting to welcome you home. Our range of electric motors, controls and sensors keep your home secure while giving you access with just the touch of a button, meaning you don’t even have to leave the comfort and warmth of your car.