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Security Camera

The innovative Somfy Protect range beautifully balances home security and privacy. The full HD Somfy One and Security IP Cameras feature shutters, allowing you to enjoy privacy at the push of a button, while sensors, sirens, night vision motion and alarms help to deter and alert you to break-ins.

Security Camera

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IP Cameras

A security camera from Somfy ensures that you can always take a look into your home . This is possible via a handy app on your phone. Our smart cameras deliver beautiful high-quality HD or full-HD images, so that you can zoom in to small details without the image becoming unclear. The surveillance cameras also have a wide-angle lens of 130 °, which means that a large part of the space can be captured in one image. Some IP cameras from Somfy are compatible with Smart Home packages so that they can communicate with other Smart Home devices that are linked.

Built-in siren with the Somfy One

The Somfy One has a built-in siren of 90+ dB. In case of an unwanted visit, this alarm will be activated and you will receive a push message on your smartphone that unwanted visitors have entered your home. You can immediately watch live and switch off the roaring siren via the smartphone. In addition, both the Somfy One & the Somfy Indoor camera will immediately record images that you can download for free.

Image quality Somfy One and Somfy Indoor Camera

Both the Somfy One and the Somfy Indoor Security Camera can be used as a security system camera to secure your home, office or other object. In addition to the difference in appearance, there is also a couple of differences in functionality. Both Cameras deliver Full HD footage 1080p image format. In addition, the Somfy One has 8x digital zoom as opposed to 4x digital zoom with the Somfy Indoor Camera. This means that with the Somfy One you can zoom in a lot further while maintaining image quality.

Extend Somfy One with All-In-One alarm system

The Somfy One can be purchased as an All-In-One alarm system, so you have protection in one go. In addition, there is also a Somfy One available that comes with a door / window contact and a key fob. The door / window contact is a vibration sensor for mounting on a door or window. When these vibrations pick up, the alarm is triggered even before the burglar puts one foot inside your house.

The key fob is a badge with which the alarm can easily be switched on and off automatically by recognition and identification of the user. These accessories are a real added value for an all-round alarm system and are standard in the Somfy One + package.

Choose the right location for your security camera

The Somfy One can easily be placed on a cupboard or shelf. Place the IP camera in a strategic place so that every unwanted intruder comes into view of the camera.

The Somfy Indoor Camera can also be placed anywhere using the included holder, but with the help of a wall mounting plate the camera can also be mounted high on a wall. This results in great coverage of the space and also ensures that things are not placed in front of the camera, which would mean that it loses its functionality. The wall mounting plate is available separately in our shop and only suitable for mounting the Somfy Indoor Camera.

Protection in the event of a power failure

Despite the fact that all these cameras operate on mains power, the Somfy One + is equipped with a back-up battery so that your home is still well protected for 6 hours even in the event of a power failure.