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About Tahoma Smart Home

Smart living starts with Somfy®

Somfy Smart Home puts you in control, makes your life easier, more comfortable and gives you peace of mind, wherever you are. Monitor and operate blinds and curtains, lights, heating, garage doors and gates with your smartphone or tablet.

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Smart living with TaHoma®

TaHoma® is a smart box that connects you to your home. The heart of your Smart Home, it
links products to the TaHoma® app so that you can control and adjust them, whenever and
wherever you like, from your smartphone. Would you like to switch off the lights and
roll down the shutters with one simple gesture? Nothing could be easier with TaHoma®.

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Start making connections

Lights & switches
Security & surveillance
Climate Control
Garage doors

Connect all your lamps and ceiling lights.

Control lights with your smart phone or choose one of our wall switches or remotes.

Activate lights at set times to welcome you home, wake you up or when you are away for peace of mind.

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3 simple and intuitive menus that let you control
your home, your way


Create your own scenarios so you can operate several applications with one click. For example, the “Wake up” scenario opens the shutters, switches on a few lamps and turns the heating to 20°C, all with one click.


Create standard days when one or more scenarios are switched on and arrange those days as a calendar. For example, “Holiday” will automatically set the heating to eco, switch on the outside lights and close the blinds every evening while you are away.


Program a number of actions that are activated in certain conditions. For example, if the smoke sensor detects smoke, your roller shutters automatically open and the lights turn on, allowing you to find a safe route through your property.