Sensors and Surveillance

Keep your home safe with our security and surveillance range. From smoke to suspicious activity, our detectors will automatically alert you via your smartphone if something isn’t right, allowing you to act immediately. And with our cameras, you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are.
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You can choose from different types of accesories to help you control and automise your Somfy products.
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    An accessory can help you to control your Somfy product but isn't necessarily a control in itself.
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    With automatic controls your Somfy products can be set to operate automatically. The trigger for the automatic control usually is based on a planned schedule that can be programmed.
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    Remotely control your Somfy products via radio signal. Choose from a wide range of remote controls, to control one or more Somfy products. Please ensure you have the right control for your Somfy product, does it use 'RTS' or 'io' radiosignal.
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Sensors & Surveillance

Do you feel safe in your home? Most likely you do when you are watching a good movie on the couch together. But what if you are home alone and are startled awake at a quarter past three in the morning? You thought you heard something, or did you dream it?

Smart Home security tells you within a few seconds whether you are safe. Look from your bed to see if something is happening in the garden or in the conservatory. The home automation security from Somfy Smart Home gives you a complete picture of the situation in an instance. If you wake up at a quarter past three, take a look at your smartphone to see if everything is ok and continue to sleep comfortably.

Automated security: customized all-in-one security

Automated security is intended to offer a complete security package. This way you not just keep an eye on whether there is smoke development, but you are also immediately informed if suspicious movement is detected in your front garden. Whether you are in New York or Yeadon: you are always connected live with the situation in and around your house. Even when you are not at home, home automation ensures the safety of your belongings and loved ones.

When you are at home, home automation also ensures your safety. A combination of various Smart Home products precisely matches the security of your home to your wishes. Would you like a siren with flash light in the back garden, or are you looking for a movement sensor for the living room that takes the dog into account? Our domotics offer everything you need for your safety.

Let all of your security equipment communicate with each other

The products in the Smart Home security category can be mutually coordinated. For example, it is possible to close electric shutters and turn on lights when the motion detector detects unwanted movement.

This is a major advantage of home automation Domotics: because different products work together, your house as a whole is optimally secured. So with a motion sensor in the carport you not only protect the car, but also deter burglars by linking the motion sensor to the lighting in the house.

See without being seen

The IP cameras, sensors and detectors from Somfy see everything, but are not always seen. They are designed to blend into their environment. Whether you have a sleek new-build home or a characteristic old farmhouse, Smart Home security keeps itself in the background and only comes to light in the event of trouble. Domotics protection does not have to be in conflict with your style!

Receive a live update in case of suspicious situations

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, domotics security always informs you if there is anything out of the ordinary happening at home. If there is something noteworthy, you will be alerted and you can view the situation at home from the app.