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Discover your ideal home configuration with our choice of controls. Our easy to program handsets and wall switches make it possible to operate all your Somfy products with just the touch of a button. You’ll never have to leave the comfort of your chair to achieve the perfect home environment.

Controls & accessories

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Somfy has an extensive range of controls for controlling all your smart products. This varies from remote controls and garage door openers to intercoms. The Somfy control range is subdivided into the categories:

Different brands of controls

Somfy has various remote controls, wall switches and frames in the range for the operation of your Smart Home products. You can choose from the following types of controls, among others:

  • Telis
  • Situo
  • KeyTis
  • KeyGo

All products are designed so that they are not only stylish, but also handy to use. Most are small and excellent for use as a key ring.

Whatever type of service you are looking for, the range at Somfy is so extensive that you will certainly find what you are looking for.

Remote controls

What would we do without a remote control? Nowadays the hand-held transmitter is indispensable in the living room. Somfy has remote controls to control your lighting, blinds, alarm or garage door through the RTS or IO protocol.

Wall switches

Somfy has stylish wall switches in different colors for wirelessly controlling electric window decoration, such as roller blinds, shutters, awnings and curtains. Because Somfy wall switches are available in different colors, a suitable switch and cover plate is available for every interior.

The control panels for a doorphone or code keypads for alarm systems are also available in various designs and styles. These products all have a stylish design.


A wall switch also needs a suitable frame, or cover plate. Because Somfy has several color wall switches in the range, the frames are available in different versions. For example, a suitable button with matching frame is available for every interior.

Combine stylish Smart Home products

You can expand your Smart Home products with new smart products at any time. It is therefore not necessary to provide your entire house with all new Smart Home products in one go. You can provide your home with smart products in phases, so that your comfort will increase more and more. The Smart Home products from Somfy can be combined with each other and for every product a stylish operation is available, suitable for every interior!

Smart Home

Smart Home makes life easier and more comfortable. By providing your house with smart products, such as smart lighting, smart security and smart climate control, you can operate your house remotely. Forgot to put the sun blinds down on a warm, sunny day? No problem, via a handy and user-friendly app on your smartphone you can easily operate the smart awning, wherever you are.

The various connected products within a smart home can communicate with each other . This ensures that the shutters, for example, are closed automatically when it gets warmer than 22 degrees, or when the alarm system detects suspicious activities in your house surroundings.