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Small, robust and reliable remote control compatible with Somfy RTS motorised garage doors and gates.

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Keypop 2 RTS - Remote control 2 channels for garage door


The robust and compact two channel RTS Keypop 2 remote control lets you automatically operate your Somfy connected garage doors from up to 30m away

Make arriving home even easier with the two channel Keypop RTS. This strong and compact remote control allows you to open and close your garage doors from the comfort of your car, so you don't have to worry about facing the elements.

Individually operate up to two Somfy RTS connected motors from up to 30m away. Thanks to the recessed button design, you can carry the Keypop 2 in your bag or pocket without having to worry about accidentally activating the controls.


  • Control up to two Somfy RTS motors/ products
  • Easy to program and use
  • Compact design makes it ideal for carrying in your bag or pocket
  • 30m transmission range

Comes with a comprehensive 5-year warranty.


  • Compatible with all Somfy RTS motors and receivers.
  • Sequential control
  • Strong ring to carry on your keychain Radio Range: 30m Measurements: 37.9 x 64.3 x 14.5 mm
  • Working temperature: -20 to + 60 degrees
  • Battery type: CR 2430
  • Battery voltage: 3V
  • Note: it’s not possible to program RTS tubular motors or receivers with the Keypop RTS. This is only possible with Situo remote controls

Warranty: 5 years