We offer different colors of frames to make sure the Somfy Smoove wallswitch or Scenario Player fits your interior needs. Available colors are silvermat, silver, white and black.


To match a wall switch to your interior, Somfy has frames in different colors. By choosing Somfy frames, you give all your switch material a uniform and therefore calm look.

Cover frame for Somfy wall switch

In a modern interior, a matching frame for your Somfy wall switch is a welcome addition. For example, frames are available in the colors silver, white and black. These cover frames can be used for various Somfy wall switches:

1.     Somfy Smoove wall transmitter

The Somfy Smoove wall switch is a wireless wall switch that works with the rts or io protocol. This wall switch is a remote control and makes wireless control very easy. One button can operate multiple products at the same time. The Somfy Smoove wall transmitter is available in different colors. Cover frames are available in various colors for all wall transmitters. For example, you can opt for a black button with a matching black frame, or for an entirely silver or white version.

2.     Somfy Smoove RTS

This wireless wall switch works with the RTS protocol and is ideally suited to operate electric curtains. This RTS wall switch is available in the colors black and white. In our range you will find matching black and white cover frames.

The power of Somfy

Somfy has an extensive range of smart products to automate your home with. We think it is important that the products, one hand are eye-catching in every interior and on the other hand are unobtrusive. Somfy has complete sets of switch material available in white, but it is also possible to compile it entirely to your liking in the desired color to fit in your interior. Somfy Smart Home offers you the possibility to automate your household. It is not necessary to this completely in one go, it can also be done step by step. Bit by bit this increases your living comfort without having to spent a big amount of money.