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Creating the ideal ambiance is as simple as clicking a button with our wireless light switches. Use TaHoma® to operate your lighting from the comfort of your seat with your smartphone or tablet. You can also program your lights to turn on or off at set times or when certain conditions are detected.


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Lights and switching

You want to illuminate your house in a smart way. You do not always want to turn each lamp on or off individually, but are looking for an automated system that you can operate with the push of a button. You are not in it for limitations: you want to be in control and want more options than “off” or “on”.

What you are looking for is home automation lighting. With the lighting from Somfy you can create the ideal atmosphere, set color temperature and brightness and remember preferred automatic light programs. That way you no longer have to think about the lighting in your entire house you can set the atmosphere in all rooms with one press of one button. You can also set the outdoors lighting plan and then have it regulated automatically.

With home automation lighting, atmosphere and safety go hand in hand. Smart Home lighting is not only there to set the atmosphere, but is also a useful way of burglary protection. An illuminated house, or a house that cannot be approached without the light coming on, is more risky for burglars. By letting your light switch on automatically when you are not at home in the evening, you keep burglars away. Good light management is therefore at the same time good burglary protection.

Lighting convenience via your smartphone

The name says it all: those who work with Smart Home lighting are smart. You save yourself time and at the same time get the most out of the lighting. Play with light and enjoy everything that light has to offer. Create your ideal atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors, with the Smart Home lighting tailored to your wishes. Your mood is the starting point for your light wishes.

Customize your wishes easily and quickly via your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. This way you can switch on the lamp in the living room at home, while you are out 150 kilometers away having a drink with a colleague.

Save your favorite light settings and switch them on in one second. This way you make the lighting in the bedroom attractive and warm, while the lamps in the office give you enough light to work and improve your concentration.

Different types of home automation lighting

Smart Home offers something for everyone. Whether you are mainly looking for convenience and do not always want to switch the light on or off, boost the atmosphere while watching TV or want to increase your concentration: home automation offers the solution.

With the Somfy TaHoma the possibilities are endless. Connect different products from this page to the TaHoma and let these products work together. Configure your own light programs depending on you being at home or not and on your other activities.

Is your regular Netflix evening on Thursday night? Home automation lighting makes your evening complete. You can set your Netflix light scenario at the touch of a button. Your lamps work together with your TV, so the atmosphere that is created in your favorite series flows into your living room.