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Somfy garage door openers are the perfect greeting to welcome you home. Our range of electric motors, controls and sensors keep your home secure while giving you access with just the touch of a button, meaning you don’t even have to leave the comfort and warmth of your car.

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Over 100 devices can be connected to the TaHoma which you can configure to optimally cooperate with each other. By setting different scenarios you automate your house in accordance with your wishes and habits.

This not only enhances the convenience, but also the security of your home. For example, you can have an alarm system or signaling system automatically switched on if suspicious irregularities are detected in the access system.

Optimal security for your home and garage

With the Somfy garage equipment, you always have control over who has access to your home and garage. By connecting IP cameras to the TaHoma in addition to an automated garage system, you can also watch live. This is especially useful in case of suspicious situations in and around your house.

Somfy garage equipment is safe to use: while automatic closing is activated, damage and injury are prevented by means of photoelectric cells. This will block the door from closing if an obstacle is detected.

Easy to install and control

You can easily connect a wide range of devices to the TaHoma to make your home safe and comfortable. In addition to garage security and automation, Somfy offers numerous options in the field of lighting, climate control and signaling. All Somfy products are easy to connect to the TaHoma, the operating system that gives you complete control over the operation of home automation in and around your home.

From the app on your smartphone or tablet you can also control the garage devices linked to TaHoma. You can therefore open your garage door or entrance gate from your car with your telephone; getting out is no longer necessary. The door or gate closes behind you again with a simple command from your smartphone.

Home automation

Entrance devices connected to Somfy Smart Home can be operated with a user-friendly app. You can also operate your window decoration, Velux windows, Hue lighting and shutters remotely.

All garage systems and other home automation systems from Somfy can be combined with other products as you desire and at the time you see fit.

Want convenience and safety in one? Choose a Somfy access system.