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Smart Home

Monitor and operate all your connected equipment at home with your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Somfy® Smart Home puts you in control. Make your life easier, more comfortable and provide peace of mind wherever you are. Control your security equipment, Sonos, blinds, shutters, Philips Hue lighting, many types of electrical equipment, garage doors and gates, wherever you are and whenever you want. Compatible with Sonos, Philips Hue, Velux, Alexa & Google home

Smart Home

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  1. Somfy TaHoma + RTS Plug
    Somfy TaHoma + RTS Plug
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  2. Somfy TaHoma + Smoke Alarm io + Sunis io
    Somfy TaHoma + Smoke Alarm io + Sunis io
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  3. TaHoma + 3 x Smoke Alarm io
    TaHoma + 3 x Smoke Alarm io
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  4. TaHoma - Smart Home system
    Somfy TaHoma
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  5. Draadloze wandschakelaar Somfy Smoove Origin RTS
    Smoove Origin Wall Switch
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  6. Izymo Shutter Receiver io
    Izymo Shutter Receiver io
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40 Items

Set Descending Direction

Smart Home

A Smart Home package from Somfy can be connected to almost any electrical device. This allows the equipment to be controlled remotely with a user-friendly app on your phone or tablet. With the app you can operate the equipment directly, or create schedules to switch on the equipment when needed. The Android or Apple app communicates with the TaHoma which controls the equipment at home. TaHoma is the heart of our home automation systems and the most important part when you start creating a Smart Home with Somfy.

Observation and survellence with a wireless alarm system

When you are away from home you need your belongings to stay safe and secure. Therefore it is nice if there is equipment at home that signals, scares and identifies uninvited guests. Somfy offers a complete range of products that can detect movements in and around your home and notify you. The TaHoma can be linked to motion detectors and IP cameras to protect your home when you are away.

Somfy not only offers smart equipment to prevent burglary. Other calamities can also be detected by the Smart Home package. For example, smoke detectors and water leakage detectors can be linked to the TaHoma.

Control lighting from the couch

Lighting plays an important role in the atmosphere at home. Traditionally, the lighting can be operated with a simple switch or dimmer. The result is that there is often too much or too little lighting in the room. By linking the lighting to the Somfy TaHoma, you can easily control the light levels with your phone or tablet.

Using the app on your phone you can easily switch the light on or off, but it is also possible to create scenarios. For example, turn the living room light on automatically when the sun sets, or turn off the lights when you leave home.


Somfy Smart Home packages

You can start a smart home at any time and in any home. For example, start with a Smart Home package for home lighting or simple RTS receivers for lights and other electrical equipment. Our systems are expandable and the TaHoma smart home hub can be combined with a wide range of Smart Home products such as Velux, Sonos and Philips Hue and is controllable via Alexa & Google home