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Back to school with smart home tech

Back to School with Smart Home Tech

IT’S that time of year when children will be returning to school, and there’s a whole range of smart home solutions that can make that transition so much easier both for them, and you. When it comes to our children, nothing is more important than ensuring they stay safe around the home but it’s not always possible for us to be there with them, so solutions such as IP cameras, smart locks and high-quality alarm systems can provide enormous peace of mind when we’re not home and they are.


Smart Locks and Doorbells:

A smart door lock for example means there’s no need to worry if your child forgets their keys, they can still get in just by putting in a code or using their smartphones. You’ll be notified when the door is unlocked so you can relax knowing your child is back in the house.

A doorbell camera will let you view who’s at the door just by using your smartphone. This can be paired with the smart door lock, so you can let the kids in yourself even if you’re not in the house.


Once they’re in the home though, make sure they’re safe by keeping a watchful eye via an IP surveillance camera. Whether they’re chilling out in the back garden or rustling up a snack in the kitchen – you’ll be able to check in on them anytime and make sure they’re okay. Some cameras even feature two-way radio, so you can talk to them too!


Smart Lighting:

Smart lighting is ideal for not only making sure the kids can make their way around the home in comfort and safety, but also for saving money on energy bills. Worried about them leaving lights on when they’re in another room? Then smart lighting is the ideal solution, motion sensors detect when there’s nobody in the room and deactivate the lights – simple!


Total Security:

For complete peace of mind nothing beats a full alarm system. With a solution like the Somfy Home Alarm for example, your children can use a personal fobs so that they can disarm the alarm when they come back from school, with no concerns about having to remember complicated codes and accidentally setting it off. The motion detector and door and window sensors provide total peace of mind, and what’s more, you’ll also get a notification on your smartphone that they’re home safe.

 Chris K