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Enjoy peace of mind with the Somfy All in One Alarm System

THE summer months are all about vacations and spending time with the family, but when we’re away from home it can also leave your property vulnerable.
In fact, the summer months rank alongside Christmas as a peak time for burglaries, so the message is clear – if we want peace of mind when we’re out enjoying the sunshine, we should take some practical measures to ensure our homes are protected.


As the Mercury rises – so does crime:

Okay, so there’s nothing like worrying about our precious belongings to put a dampener on our summer plans, but it doesn’t have to be this way thanks to the Somfy All in One Alarm System.
Designed with simplicity and security in mind, the system is smart and built for the modern home. It features a full HD camera which acts as an ever-watchful eye, able to spot dangers when your own gaze is elsewhere – ideally at a beach or at the park.

When the camera picks up something suspicious you’ll get a message on your smartphone no matter where you are, allowing you to see what’s going on. If you don’t like what you see you can call the police. If you’re not reachable, the app will alert a trusted list of contacts.

Don’t worry about the camera being set off by pets either as you can set it to ignore their movements, while privacy needn’t be a worry either, with a camera shutter that closes when you enter the room.


As well as spotting intruders the system also features a 90 dB siren designed to make it uncomfortable for anyone who tries to enter your home. When it sounds it will alert friends and neighbours that there’s someone in your home and also startle the crooks. If it’s a false alarm then no problem - just turn it off using your smartphone app!

Simple Installation:

There’s no need to be a qualified engineer because the system is all about simplicity. You can install it in under 30 minutes and expand it with additional components. Add extra cameras to cover any blind spots, or window shutters to keep those entry points secure.
The system is designed to be incorporated into the modern smart home too, so it’s compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest and IFTTT. By having it hooked up to a smart home, your additional features such as Philips Hue lights can turn on automatically as soon as you turn off the camera – the complete system for home protection.

 Chris K