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Light up your home with IZYMO, The New IO Micro Modules Range

If you’ve ever wanted to upgrade your home from traditional wired equipment to a new wireless solution but thought it was too much hassle, think again.

Wireless is the future of the smart home, providing ultimate convenience and control over every aspect of your property, from lighting to blinds and shutters. But a long legacy of having wiring throughout traditional buildings means many people think going wireless will be complicated, expensive and not worth doing – but that’s just no longer true.


The Old-Fashioned Approach:

Traditionally, our properties have utilised electrical wiring hooked up to wall controls to enable us to activate and deactivate devices around our homes.

Such extensive and complex electrical wiring systems were often installed behind walls, under floors and above ceilings. There were so many wires we even had to be careful about where we drilled or hammered in nails to hang pictures. They were also difficult to fix if anything wrong, while adding extra electrical devices, sockets or switches to the system would often require the involvement of a specialist electrician. Ripping out all this wiring and replacing it with a bespoke wireless solution would have cost a fortune in the past and, in many ways, may not even have been worth attempting.


Wireless Simplicity:

Now though, the advent of IZYMO means you can upgrade your lighting tech quickly and easily, future proofing your property and turning it into a real, modern smart home fit for the 21st Century.


How does it Work?

The concept works by using radio signals to activate your Somfy io-homecontrol protocol products, making the need for wires a thing of the past. The transmitters can be simply fitted behind your existing switches and rockers so when you press them, radio signals activate your devices rather than the electrical wires in the wall.

Installing IZYMO won’t leave lots of mess either. There’s no need for extra cables, no dust or debris, and you can even keep your existing switches to ensure the design of your home stays exactly the same.
The installation is very simple, however we recommend using a professional installer.


Wireless Lighting:

One of the most popular features of the modern smart home is smart lighting. Not only does it create ambiance and help save money on bills, it can also provide a great deterrent to would-be intruders. Often though, these were some of the most extensive and complex wired electrical systems in a home.

IZYMO comes with a transmitter and lighting receiver that’s specifically designed to let you control your lighting through radio signals, with no need to haul out all of that wiring and subject your family to all those many hours and days of disruptive renovations. You can also control your lights with the Somfy Smart Home App on your smartphone or tablet device too, putting total control right at your fingertips. With Somfy Tahoma/Connexoon, you can make IZYMO a central part of your smart home, allowing you to control it via voice with a compatible virtual assistant too.


Smart home compatible:

Designed for the modern smart home, IZYMO is compatible with Somfy’s Tahoma system and all the most popular virtual assistants and systems, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. It’s also compatible with many of the main designers of smart home components too, including Danfoss, Philips Hue and Sonos, so you now have total freedom to build your perfect smart home ecosystem with all the components you want – wirelessly of course!

 Chris K