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Outdoor security cameras - a vigilant watchman

Imagine an ever-vigilant watchman which can keep an eye on your property, 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week, even in the dead of night. The Somfy Outdoor Camera is that watchman; a camera with full HD and night vision that alerts you via your smartphone when someone approaches and has an impressive array of added deterrents at its disposal, such as being able to scare off intruders with a loud siren, or bathe them in lighting so they’ve got nowhere to hide.

Smart connectivity

Many people now invest in video cameras to place outside their property, but the Somfy Outdoor Camera goes several steps further than simply being able to capture and record images and video.

You can also connect it to your existing outdoor lighting, so as soon as the camera spots someone coming towards your home the lights are activated – bathing them in light, and if there’s one thing skulking intruders don’t like – it’s light.

Designed to be a crucial security component of the modern Smart Home, you can also connect it to smart home tools like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Nest.

Sounding the alarm

If bright lights alone don’t do the trick, then the Somfy Outdoor Camera has another weapon in its arsenal – a built-in 110dB siren you can turn on from your smartphone if someone tries to gain entry to your home, startling the intruders and alerting your neighbors to the commotion.

Installation options

The camera can either be connected to your outdoor lighting cable or straight to the power cable itself, with the first option you’ll also be able to control your lights via the app too! See this video for more information.

Added features

The Somfy camera has a couple of great features designed to give you complete peace of mind when you’re out of the house.

Firstly, when you’re leaving the house it will send you an alert on your smartphone app, reminding you to activate the camera while you’re away - so you can rest assured your home won’t be unprotected.

The second great feature is that there is a great function in the App. You can add a community of friends and neighbors who can be alerted if the camera detects anything, so even if you’re on vacation or at that important meeting - you know somebody will be on hand to come over and check things out, and alert the authorities if needed.


 Chris K