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Things to consider when buying a security camera

Things to consider when buying a security camera

With nearly 40% of UK households due to be classed as ‘smart homes’ by 2022, the number of people investing in smart security systems is increasing all the time.

One of the central components of any alarm system is the security camera. As the eyes of the security system, it will act not only as a deterrent, but a protective and reassuring presence that will keep a watch over your home and your family. But with so many security cameras on the market, what should you be looking for in a camera system before you invest?


Picture quality:

Having great picture quality is hugely important because there’s no real point in having a security camera at all if the image is blurred or difficult to see. When looking for a camera, you should look for something that has HD quality at a minimum and provides you with crystal clear images.


Whether it’s your social media footprint or your personal data, privacy is of huge concern to most people these days, and what could be more important than protecting your privacy in your own home? Sure, having a security camera that monitors your property is a great security solution - but you don’t want to feel like you’re being watched when you’re relaxing in your own home. Consider buying one with an active privacy shutter such as that found in Somfy One - this will automatically close when you enter the room, giving you total peace of mind.


Motion sensors:

You don’t really need to have CCTV systems active all of the time when you just want them to deter possible intruders, so look for one with motion sensors - this means the camera will only become activated when it picks up movement. This will also save you money on electricity because the security camera won’t have to be running 24 hours a day.


Simple installation:

Unless you want to take an electrical engineering degree before buying a camera, consider getting a security camera that’s easy to install. There are great plug and play home security cameras out there that let you get set up in less than 10 minutes. Just plug these CCTV kits in and away you go. This type of wireless CCTV system often also come with redundancy features so they continue working even during power outages.

 Chris K