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Warding off Intruders – Why Prevention is Better than Cure

There are several sophisticated security solutions out there which can protect your property from the inside and outside.

But once an intruder is inside, even if he doesn’t have time to take anything, the feeling that your property has still been violated can be all too real and lasting.

The key is to keep them from even attempting to get inside, so with that in mind, when it comes to home security, prevention is always better than cure. In fact, even burglars themselves admit that things such as cameras and anything making a noise are the most likely things to scare them off.

From automated shutters, motion sensors and cameras that let you challenge an intruder and sirens, having external security equipment not only lets you stay aware of what’s going on outside your property but also, these measures have the invaluable impact of deterring would-be opportunistic intruders who’ll be in no doubt that your home is not a soft target.

Constant Watchman:

Nobody wants the stress of having to keep a constant vigil on their property, so the perfect solution is to have smart security solutions do that all for you. An alarm system and IP camera for example.

Technology such as the Somfy Outdoor Camera is designed not only to monitor your property, but with its built-in 110dB siren can make plenty of noise designed to startle and scare off any would-be burglar should the need arise.

Picture the intruder approaching your home, taking their time to search for potential points of entry, but then suddenly the security camera’s motion sensor detects them and sends notification to the user. Then the user can trigger the siren. . the burglar is scared off, disoriented and startled, he flees without ever getting the chance to set foot inside your home.  This is much more than just a burglar alarm, this is a smart alarm that’s always on duty and keeps you aware of what’s happening.


Challenging Intruders in Safety:

If you want to be in control yourself the Full HD camera can send a notification to your smartphone when it spots something, allowing you to talk to the intruder directly via two-way communication, completely remotely – ensuring you can stay safely out of harm’s way.

Then the choice of actions is all yours and the power is in your hands. Share access to your system with your neighbours, friends or family. At the slightest alert, they will be able to intervene on site if you're not available. You can also activate the siren yourself directly from the Somfy Protect app. If you need it for evidence purposes, this IP camera’s videos are secured and stored free for 24 hours on the Somfy Cloud too. You’re in control.

The Somfy outdoor camera is part of the Somfy Protect range. The Somfy Protect range contents several security solutions to secure and protect your home.

The Somfy Home alarm consist out of several sensors like door/window sensors and badges. The Somfy outdoor camera is fully compatible with the Home alarm.

Combining the product will give you the option to fully secure and protect your home.

 Chris K