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What do you need for your smart home?

What do you need for your smart home?

Okay, so you’re comfortable with the idea of a smart home now and you’ve got your Virtual Assistant and/or TaHoma all ready to go – but where do you go from there? After all, without the right technology around the house, that smart home isn’t going to feel very smart at all.


Thinking about your priorities:

When it comes to getting the right equipment for your new smart home ecosystem, it’s important to first think about what you want your smart home to do for you? For example, is security your main concern, or convenience? Or both?

Smart security:

If it’s security that’s your biggest priority, then technology such as cameras should be high on your list, with advanced tech such as motion sensors and videophones also something you could think about adding. With a hub like the TaHoma home automation system at the centre of this new smart security ecosystem, you can keep a watchful eye on the comings-and-goings both inside and outside your home, no matter where you are.

For total peace of mind, an all-in-one security system is something you could consider adding to your smart home. Systems such as Somfy One, which is a wireless alarm system with full HD camera, siren, motion detector and privacy protection designed to protect and guard. You can use it as a standalone system or activate it using the Somfy Protect app.


The home comforts:

If convenience is key, then think about what kind of tech you could add to your home that would make your home a much more enjoyable place to be? For instance, a remote thermostat that lets you set your temperature remotely while you’re on your way home from the football game or a chilly winter walk.

You can also enjoy complete control over your lights with wireless switches, making it super simple to set the ideal ambiance around your home with just the touch of a button.

The comforts of home automation don’t have to stay restricted to the house itself either. When you’re driving home and it’s raining for instance, you don’t need to get out of the car and get all wet, because with tech such as automated garage door solutions, the simple touch of a button will open up and close that garage for you – without you even having to step out into the rain.


Keeping it simple:

One of the common features of most smart home kit these days is simplicity. None of this requires an engineer or an electronics expert. TaHoma comes with its very own app to do all the hard work for you. Just connect to the Internet, follow the simple setup instructions and you’re good to go, so you can kick back and relax with total safety, comfort and security.

 Chris K