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Home alarm Essential + 5 Intellitag + Motion sensor + Outdoor siren

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Home alarm Essential + 5 Intellitag + Motion sensor + Outdoor siren

Start protecting your home inside and outside with this all included pack and you can go even further adding more intellitags, camera's and more.

8 x IntelliTAG

Smart wireless door and windows sensor, it sets a security perimeter around your house and detects intrusion attempts.

2 x Key Fob

Personal remote control that automatically disarms your system when you get back home.

1 x Indoor Siren

Wireless, it sounds at 110db when an attempted break-in is detected. Set it up anywhere, it adapts to your interior design.

2 x Indoor Motion Sensor

Small, discreet and wireless, it detects all human movements while remaining indifferent to pets.

1 x Somfy Protect Outdoor Siren

In the event of a detection, this outdoor siren emits a loud 112 dB noise and bright flash to warn neighbors and prevent break-ins before they occur.

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